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The Public Information Office plans and implements the public relations efforts for the City of Copperas Cove. The office provides relevant, concise, and timely information to the public, media, and City staff through the use of various communications tools. This information includes services, disruptions in services, activities, city accomplishments, employee recognition and goals. The primary goal of the Public Information Office is to maintain a positive image of the City while keeping all citizens informed.

The Public Information Officer is the liaison and spokesperson between the organization and the media. He supports public relations efforts for all City departments and prepares press releases, newsletters, articles, reports and editorials, as well as conducts interviews. The Public Information Officer serves as a City representative at various meetings, conventions and seminars. He also manages social media networking and the local government access channel.

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Dear Residents,
With the approval of the City Council, the City of Copperas Cove is working with the Texas Power Switch to help residents save money on their electric bills.
What is the Texas Power Switch?
The Texas Power Switch is an energy switching program that gives residents the opportunity to join together and get a lower rate on electricity by asking energy providers to bid on the group’s business. The provider that is able to offer the lowest rate wins the auction.
Most Texans haven’t changed their provider in the past three years and are overpaying for their electricity as a result. There is no cost to the City for this service, nor does the City receive any compensation from this partnership – this is a program exclusively designed to help residents save money.
Save on average $375 on your electric bills per year
Texans who switched in the last Power Switch program are expected to save an average of $375 per year on their energy bills, just by signing up and accepting the winning provider’s offer. The more people that participate, the greater the chances are of obtaining a competitive rate. Please keep in mind, there’s no fee to participate or obligation to switch.
Here’s how it works:
• Have an electricity bill handy and visit www.texaspowerswitch.com/copperascove.
• Register for free before January 27, 2020. It only takes a few minutes.
• The Texas Power Switch will organize an auction among electricity providers and the lowest rate wins.
• Participants will receive a personal offer email by February 14, 2020 and then decide whether to accept the offer or not. There is no obligation to switch.
• The Texas Power Switch team will take care of the entire switching process.
• For those who have already participated in a previous program, please keep in mind that re-registration is required anytime there’s a new auction.
If you have any questions, please email energy@texaspowerswitch.com or call 888-376-2077.
The City of Copperas Cove
Households served by utility cooperatives are not eligible to participate.

Para obtener más información en español, visite texaspowerswitch.com/texas/es

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