Non-City Organization Funding Requests

Non-City Organization Funding Application Process Training

Outside Agencies Funding Requests
Each fiscal year, as part of the budget process, the City of Copperas Cove provides local agencies the opportunity to request funding for specific purposes. There are two types of funding your agency can apply for: General Fund and Hotel Occupancy Tax. All requests must be received between March 13 and April 8. You may return the application by email, regular mail, or by dropping it off at City Hall.

FY 2021-22 Non-City Organization Training

General Fund Requests
The agency program or activity for which your requesting funding for has to provide a public benefit in order to be considered eligible. To request funds from General Fund, please review the policy document linked below, then fill out the application form.
•  Policy for General Fund Request
•  Application for General Fund Request – Exhibit 1
•  Post Event Form – Exhibit 2

Hotel Occupancy Tax Requests
The use of Hotel Occupancy Tax dollars are restricted per the Texas Tax Code, Chapter 351 and City of Copperas Cove Code of Ordinances, Chapter 18.5. These funds are generally restricted to programs or activities which directly promote tourism or support the hotel industry in Copperas Cove, and for the promotion of the arts. To request funds from Hotel Occupancy Taxes, please review the policy document linked below, then fill out the application form along with other required documents.
•  Policy for Hotel Occupancy Tax Request
•  Hotel Occupancy Tax Use Guidelines – Exhibit 1
•  Post Event Report Form – Exhibit 2
•  Marketing Agreement – Exhibit 3
•  Marketing Plan – Exhibit 3a

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