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Mission Statement

The objective of the Code Compliance Division is to provide quality services to the public by coordinated surveillance, consultation, complaint handling, and enforcement to maintain and improve environmental health, public safety, and welfare of the citizens. Code Compliance Officers enforce and administer City and Zoning ordinances, Texas Department of Health Food Establishment Rules, and the International Property Maintenance Code. The Division handles a multitude and wide range of complaints on environmental sanitation and retail health issues. Courses are also offered in food handling through the Texas Department of Health certified food management courses and food handler classes.

Code Compliance services are provided through three Code Compliance Officers under the direction of the Police Department. The Code Compliance Division is located at 914 S. Main St., Suite G. Services provided by the Division are a very important component of maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Copperas Cove. Citizens are welcome to contact the Division, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, for questions and complaints regarding high grass/weeds, rubbish and trash, junk vehicles, and any other health issues in their neighborhoods and in the City.

Rubbish, Junk or Other Objectionable, Unsightly or Unsanitary Matter
It is an offense to permit or allow stagnant or unwholesome water, filth, carrion, weeds, rubbish, rubble, junk or garbage, or impure or unwholesome matter of any kind, including, but not limited to, all vegetation that by size or material usually not suitable for timber or livestock and easily subject to becoming a fire hazard or harborage for rodents, dead grass, tree limbs, tree stumps, improper composting or improper storage of landscape materials, waste paper, scrap wood or lumber, scrap metal, rags, rubber tires, plastic, metal, ceramic or glass bottles, canisters, barrels or cans, combustible materials, appliances, furniture, discarded or unused flooring material, dismantled or disassembled vehicle parts, discarded or abandoned construction materials and exposed or uncovered fill materials, or any objectionable, unsanitary or unsightly matter of whatever nature to accumulate or remain on real property, including the improvements thereon, or within any easement area on such real property or upon any adjacent right-of-way for streets and alleys between the property line for such real property and where the paved surface of the street or alley begins.

Vehicle(s) Parked on Unapproved Surfaces
All parking spaces, together with aisles and maneuvering areas, in a residential district, shall have an all-weather surfacing, enclosed or unenclosed, and shall be connected by an all-weather surfaced driveway to a street or alley. An all-weather surface shall be construed to mean a bituminous or Portland cement concrete paved surface conforming to the requirements of the standard specifications of the City.

High Grass, Weeds, and Brush
A person or owner responsible for or claiming or having supervision or control of any real property commits an offense by permitting or allowing weeds, grass, brush, or vegetation not regularly cultivated to grow to a height greater than twelve (12) inches upon any such real property. It shall be the duty of a person or owner of any real property abutting a sidewalk or street to keep the sidewalk or street clear of obstructions caused by intruding and overhanging brush and/or tree limbs; and clearance of at least eight (8) feet above a sidewalk and fourteen (14) feet above a street shall be maintained.

Junk Vehicles
The presence of any junked vehicle or junked household appliance on any private lot, tract or parcel of land, or portion thereof, occupied or unoccupied, improved or unimproved, within the City shall be deemed a public nuisance. Junk vehicle means every vehicle which is self-propelled, that is not enclosed in a building or surrounded by a privacy fence, that is inoperative and does not have lawfully affixed to it either a valid license plate or a valid motor vehicle safety inspection certificate and the condition of which is one or more of the following: Wrecked, abandoned, dismantled, partially dismantled.

Junk Household Appliances
Any household appliance not enclosed in a building, the condition of which is one or more of the following: Dismantled, partially dismantled, inoperative, abandoned, and discarded. Any appliance placed for city pick-up is required to have any doors removed before placing it out in public access.

Swimming Pools
No swimming pool shall be constructed until a swimming pool building permit has been issued. No building permit shall be issued unless the proposed pool complies with applicable local and state regulations. A swimming pool and/or spa may be constructed and operated in a rear or side yard when the pool is not located in any easement or closer than ten (10) feet to any back property line and seven and one-half (7½) feet to the side property line. Pool enclosure requirements for pools located in residential districts must meet current adopted Building Codes for single family residential pools, spas and hot tubs.

Health Inspections-Retail
Inspection compliance and enforcement for intended purpose, for the public health protection. Annual and semi-annual inspections are conducted on any establishment that serves food and/or drinks to the public for the purpose of human consumption.

Food Handler Permits and Classes
A food handler permit is required for any person employed or working in a food establishment who handles food and/or drinks during any time, for public consumption.

The City of Copperas Cove will provide training for individuals employed in food establishments in Copperas Cove. The cost is $15 for a two-year food handler permit, and $5 for a volunteer food handler permit. Please contact the Code Compliance Department at 254-542-8966 to learn more about upcoming classes. You must make an appointment in order to attend a class.

Brandy Varner
Senior Code/Health Officer

Code Compliance
914 S. Main St.
Suite A
Copperas Cove, TX 76522
Ph: (254) 542-8966

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