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Forms and Information
Foster Care/Adoption Inspection Form
Mobile Food Establishment Checklist Form
Retail Food Establishment Inspection Form
Temporary Food Establishment Inspection Form

Inspection Types
Routine – Routine inspections are conducted twice yearly and include the Annual Inspection which generates the yearly Food Establishment Permit and the Bi-Annual inspection that is completed midway through the year.

Other inspections include Field Investigations that occur when a complaint is received and Compliance Visits to ensure corrections are made when a follow-up is required.

Inspection Report
The Food Establishment Inspection Report utilized by the City is an approved form from the Texas Food Establishment Rules dated October 2015 (TFER). These rules were adopted by the City of Copperas Cove on July 7, 2016. All food establishments, mobile vendors operating within the City and temporary establishments for festivals etc. are inspected by the Code/Health Department in accordance with these rules. It is important to note that inspections are observations noted during the time of the inspection. Each inspection is based on a 100 point with the stated points deducted for violations. Multiple violations of the same line item are only counted once i.e. #22 Food Handler/No unauthorized personnel, a Priority Foundation Item is only counted as a 2 point deduction regardless of the number of unauthorized persons.

The inspection report consists of 47 items within three categories.
Priority Items – Violations that require immediate corrective action not to exceed 3 days. There are 20 items in this category and each is a 3 point violation.
Priority Foundation Items – Violations that require corrective action within 10 days. There are 13 items in this category and each is a 2 point violation.
Core Items – Violations that require corrective action not to exceed 90 days or the next inspection, whichever comes first. There are 14 items in this category and each is a 1 point violation.

Page 2 of the Inspection Report consists of temperature observations and the explanation of the recorded violations.

Each inspection begins with a score of 100%. Violations are noted and the total of all violations are deducted from the initial score of 100%. There may be more than one point deduction for a particular violation if a lower category contributes to a more serious violation. An example of this may be handwashing violations. If the handwashing sink does not have a hot water temperature as specified in the TFER a 2 point deduction is taken. Due to this violation a 3 point deduction may also be taken for “Hands cleaned and properly washed..” A total score of less than 70% is failing.

Blue Plate Award – For establishments that receive a perfect score of 100% on their Annual Inspection the Blue Plate Award is presented. In addition to a certificate the establishment and a picture of the staff are featured on the City Facebook page.

Mobile Vendors and Temporary Establishments
Mobile vendors operating within the City and temporary establishments are inspected in accordance with the above rules; however, separate Pass/Fail forms are utilized. Temporary establishments are those that operate at a specific event for a period not to exceed 14 days such as Rabbit Fest, Kris Kindl Markt etc.

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