City Department Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that City Departments are frequently asked. If you have a question for a City Department, you may find your answer here.

Question: Are you a No-Kill Shelter?
Answer: We do not define ourselves as “kill” or “no kill”. The term “no kill” means different things to different people, and can be confusing. As a municipal shelter we take in stray animals, owner-surrendered, and animals who have been seized or taken into custody. We make every effort to get all of our animals adopted but there are times that we are forced to euthanize. We also work diligently with rescue organizations to keep these numbers down.

Question: Do you perform vaccinations?
Answer: We vaccinate puppies for parvo/distemper as they are brought into the shelter for the safety of the animal. We are unable to vaccinate for the general public. We do host 3 low cost shot clinics each year.

Question: Do you have a web site or a Facebook page?
Answer: The shelter does not have a Facebook page however we do put the available animals for adoption on the city home page. We also list our adoption events on the Police Department and City Facebook pages.

Question: What can I do about the feral cats in my yard?
Answer: You can come in and sign out a live trap from the shelter and when you catch the animal you can call the shelter to have it picked up.

Question: Do I need a permit for my shed?
Answer: Yes, Chapter 20, Section 20-29 outlines the requirements for accessory building.

Question: Who is responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalk in front of my home?
Answer: The home owner is responsible for the upkeep of sidewalks abutting their property. Chapter 17, Section 17-2
Maintenance by owner of abutting sidewalks of parkway and alleys.

Question: Can I have a fence in my front yard?
Answer: No, Chapter 20, Section 20-25 (c ) No fences shall be allowed in the required front yard.

Question: Where can I get my fire extinguishers serviced?
Answer: The fire department no longer services fire extinguishers. Extinguishers can be serviced by a commercial company or replaced by purchasing a new one. Usually if you have an existing fire extinguisher, there may be a tag on it with the company name of the last company that serviced it. Extinguishers may be disposed of in normal household trash as long as the extinguisher is completely discharged of all pressure first.

Question: How can I get a copy of a fire or EMS report?
Answer: Fire and EMS reports may be obtained by submitting an open records request using the following link on the City of Copperas Cove website: Open Records . For further information please contact the fire department at 254-547-2514.

Question: I have questions about an EMS bill I received. Who can I speak with about it?
Answer: The Copperas Cove Fire Department utilizes a third-party billing company to handle our billing process. If you received an EMS bill and have questions, please call the number located on the bill for EMS/MC EMS Management & Consultants at 1-800-814-5339. If you are unable to contact this company first, then please contact the fire department at 254-547-2514.

Question: I have old medicines. How can I dispose of them?
Answer: Medicines may be disposed of by dropping them off in the container in the lobby of the police department located at 302 East Avenue E.

Question: I have used sharps and needles from medications, how do I dispose of them?
Answer: Needles and sharps may be disposed of in normal household trash as long as they are placed in a hard plastic container such as a used laundry detergent container. The container must be sealed tightly.

Question: How many people volunteer for the City of Copperas Cove annually?
Answer: The Human Resources Department processes an average of 553 volunteer applications each year for citizens to assist in various area such as the Senior Center, Animal Shelter, Library, and Parks and Recreation.

Question: How many applications do you receive for each job vacancy you post?
Answer: The City of Copperas Cove receives an average of 51 applications for employment for every job vacancy posted for hire.

Question: Where does the majority of your applications for employment come from?
Answer: Over 80% of applications for job vacancies received by the City Of Copperas Cove originate from

Question: How can I obtain a copy of a Crash Report?
Answer: Crash Reports are available on the TXDOT webpage. Crash Reports take approximately 10 days before they are available in the system. Follow the link to the TXDOT website.

Question: What are the operating hours of the Police Department?
Answer: The police department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our records and administration operating hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. The Administration Section and Records Section are closed on holidays observed by City Staff.

Question: How do I become a police officer for the City of Copperas Cove?
Answer: Potential applicants need to apply on line when a vacant position is posted on the city website. View Current Job Postings.

Question: Where do find the City of Copperas Cove Code of Ordinances?
Answer: The link to the Code of Ordinances can be found on the city webpage under, “Online Tools and Services”. Code of Ordinances.

Question: How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
Answer: A copy of the public version of a police report may be purchased from the Police Department Records Section. The operating hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Question: Does the Police Department have a notary service available to the public?
Answer: Yes, notary services are available through the Records Section at the police department for a fee. Fee Schedule.

Question: Does the Police Department provide electronic fingerprinting services to the public?
Answer: No, this is a service the public must obtain elsewhere; however, we do provide traditional inked fingerprinting for a fee. Fee Schedule.

Question: How does the City of Copperas Cove release information to the public?
Answer: The City routinely issues media releases which are sent to local and surroundings media outlets, as well as various citizens and organizations throughout the City. Issued media releases may be found at: Newsworthy information and events are also shared on the City’s various social media sites and Government Access Channel.

Question: How can I contact the City’s elected officials?
Answer: City Council members are issued official City emails which may be located at: To avoid possible illegal quorums, we do recommend that City Council members be emailed individually, and not as an entire body.

Question: Can I speak during City Council meetings?
Answer: City Ordinance 2016-32, Section 2-57.3 regulates Citizen’s Forum and Public Comments during Regular City Council Meetings. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, with the exception of December in which there is only one meeting, at 6pm in the Council Chambers, at 508 S. 2nd Street. Citizens are allowed up to five minutes to speak on any matters they wish, with the exception of individuals wishing to speak on a matter posted on the agenda as a public hearing must do so once the public hearing has been opened. Further information on understanding Council meetings can be found at: 
City Council Meetings

Question: How do I determine ownership and location of my sewer line?
Answer: As shown in the illustration below, a private property owner “Private Sewer Line” extends from the home’s foundation and includes its connection to the “City Sewer Main.” Property owners in the City of Copperas Cove are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the private sewer lines up to and including the tap into the City main.

Question: What causes sewer odors inside the house?
Answer: The plumbing system in your home is designed to prevent odors from entering the house by using a Liquid Seal Trap or P-trap. The water in a P-trap will evaporate if the fixture is not used often. Seldom used bathrooms, floor drains, and utility sinks are common odor sources. The simple solution is to periodically pour water (one or two cups) into the drain to refill the trap.

Question: What is a sewer lateral?
Answer: A sewer lateral is the privately owned and maintained sewer pipe connecting a building/dwelling to the public sanitary sewer system.

Question: I have slow drainage through my toilets and drains. What can I do about it?
Answer: Check to see if neighbors are having similar slow drainage problems. If the problem is an isolated issue and is not due to work in the area, during normal business hours, call the City at (254) 547-0751; after normal hours, including nights and weekends, call (254) 547-4272 to have the sewer mains checked. City crews will notify the resident if the problem is in the city main or the resident private sewer line. If the problem is in the resident private sewer line, the resident will need to call a plumber to fix the issue at the resident’s expense. The City cannot remove sewer clogs on privately-owned sewer lines (laterals).

Question: Is the city responsible for the emptying my septic tank?
Answer: No, the City is not responsible for repairing or maintaining onsite septic systems.

Question: Are there helpful tips for preventing sewer back-ups?
Answer: Do not put bulky paper or trash into the sewers through toilets or sinks. Do not dispose of fat, oil, or grease into the sewers through toilets or sinks. Food left on plates can have a lot of grease, so wipe plates off into the garbage. Do not put food scraps in the Garbage Disposal, e.g., In-Sink-Erator. Cooking grease should be poured into a heat-resistant container to cool and solidify before disposing of in the garbage.

Question: During the City’s sewer line cleaning operation, is it possible for the cleaning crew to force debris up my private line?
Answer: Not under normal conditions. The hydro-jet cleaning process utilizes a high-pressure cleaning nozzle which creates a vacuum as it passes by your private sewer line.

Question: How do I request for a street cut?
Answer: Contact Building Department for a permit. Contact Water & Sewer Departments for line locates. Call 811 conduct a DIG test to locate electrical lines (gas, electrical and cable). After the above has been accomplished, contact the Street Department to coordinate a time for the Street Crew to haul off spoils in the street and fill the street cut with base. The Street Department will need at least a 48-hour notice. Obtain the following requestor information: Name, Phone Number, Address, and Business Name. Email Street Department the information to have them contact the requestor.

Question: How do I get the City street sweeper to sweep the street in front of my house?
Answer: There is a Street Sweeping map in the Street Department section of the City’s website showing when streets will be swept: Street Sweeping Guide. It takes about three months for the sweeper to make the complete round of the City. For emergencies, call the Street Department to coordinate the sweeper.

Question: How do I report a street light outage?
Answer: Streetlight issues, to include reporting street light outages, can be reported through the City’s webpage at the following link:; click on “I would like to…” at the top right of the page; then click on “Find Information” in the drop-down box.
Another way to report a street light outage is to go directly to, click on “Search,” and complete the “Search by address” box as shown in the sample under the box. Streetlight outages can also be reported to Oncor via phone at (888) 313-4747 or e-mail at The City does not repair the lights nor do they install the lights.

Question: Does the City spray for mosquitoes?
Answer: The City does not have licensed personnel or the specialized equipment or chemicals to spray mosquitos. The City does use commercialized mosquito dunks in standing water to kill larvae.

Question: When will the City cut the grass in the drainage ditch by my house?
Answer: The Drainage Department follows a mowing cycle for cutting grass throughout the City. It takes about four months to complete the cycle. The Drainage Department works extremely hard to stay on track with the mowing cycle to avoid missing any areas. Some areas in larger drainage channels are being transformed into riparian areas, allowing natural plants to grow in order to help prevent soil erosion.

Question: Am I allowed to dump oil, other chemicals, and grass clippings into the street?
Answer: It is a violation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the City’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) program to pour anything into the street, or even blow grass clippings into gutters. Additionally, there is a “Drains to Creeks” program informing citizens that drinking water can get contaminated and the drainage system can get clogged, causing the street to flood from unauthorized items entering the stormwater system.

Question: Why wasn’t my trash collected?
Answer: City ordinance requires your trash cart to be placed at the curb approximately four (4) feet away from the city furnished roll-out container no later than 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. Also, City ordinance requires that your trash cart be no closer than 4 feet to any object.

Question: Why did I receive a recycling contamination charge?
Answer: Your recycling cart contained items that are not recyclable, such as diapers, water hoses, Styrofoam, etc.

Question: What material can I dispose of at the transfer station (concrete, shingles, etc.)?
Answer: The Transfer Station receives solid waste by regulations set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The transfer station accepts most common household waste and construction debris and DOES NOT accept hazardous and chemical waste. For a complete list of what is accepted or not, please visit the City of Copperas Cove Solid Waste website at or call (254) 547-4242 to verify.

Question: What are the hours of the transfer station?
Answer: Transfer station hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5: 00 pm. Scale closes at 4:30 pm.

Question: When will my trash be picked up?
Answer: Areas 1/2 are picked up on Monday; areas 3/4 are picked up on Tuesday, areas 5/6 are picked up on Wednesday and areas 7/8 are picked up on Thursday. Residents can visit the City of Copperas Cove Solid Waste website at and view a Solid Waste area map to determine each area of coverage.

Question: Does the city have a recycling program?
Answer: Yes, the Solid Waste Department operates a single stream (no sorting required) recycle program. Residents will have their recyclable material picked up curbside twice per month (visit the City of Copperas Cove Solid Waste website at for pick up days by area). Additionally, the Solid Waste Department operates a recycling drop off center where residents can go and drop off recycle material.

Question: What is Wastewater?
Answer: Wastewater is the used water collected from citizens’ homes and businesses through the sewer collection system, water from toilets, showers, sinks, washing machines, and other approved drains.

Question: What is Wastewater Treatment?
Answer: Wastewater Treatment is the process of removing pollutants from the raw sewer wastewater to a level safe for release to the environment. The level of pollutants is permitted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Question: What is the treatment process?
Answer: The treatment process includes removing trash and debris by screening the incoming water. The screened water then receives a biological treatment process called activated sludge in which bacteria is utilized to feed upon the organics in the water. Once the mixed water settles in the final clarifier, the clear water is disinfected with U.V. Disinfection.

Question: How clean is the water at the end of the process?
Answer: The water leaving the treatment plant exceeds the state requirements for discharging into the creeks, streams, and lakes. The water leaving the treatment process is often cleaner than the receiving stream it is discharging into. Water quality is monitored on a daily and weekly basis depending on the lab testing requirements.

Question: Who makes the tap into a main to provide services to a new business, the contractor or the city?
Answer: The contractor or the city can make the tap. The engineer or the contractor has to contact Building Department to purchase a permit.

Question: Who should I contact if my Water has been disconnected?
You should contact City of Copperas Cove Utility Administration to determine the reason for the disconnect. They may be contacted by stopping by City Hall, 914 S. Main Street, Suite A; by sending an email to; or by calling (254) 547-8718.

Question: What should I do about low water pressure in my house?
You should contact City of Copperas Cove Utility Administration to ask for assistance in determining the reason for the low-pressure issue. They may be contacted by stopping by City Hall, 914 S. Main Street, Suite A; by sending an email to; or by calling (254) 547-8718.

Question: What should I do about water leak concerns? And how do I report a water leak around/from the water meter?
You should contact City of Copperas Cove Utility Administration to determine the reason for the disconnect. They may be contacted by stopping by City Hall, 914 S. Main Street, Suite A; by sending an email to; or by calling (254) 547-8718. *Please note that the City will only repair leaks on the City’s side of the meter; the customer will be required to coordinate the repairs of any leaks on their side of the meter.

Question: I received a backflow test requirement letter from the City. I don’t use my sprinkler system; do I have to perform the test?
Answer: If residents have not used their sprinkler system for a long time or it is not working, they are still required to have the system inspected or capped off. If they decide to cap the system off, it must be capped off underground, and the Water Distribution Department will need to inspect it before it is covered up.

Question: There is water running out on the street. Is there a leak?
Answer: Certain areas in the city experience periodic running groundwater. Some of the areas are listed below frequently have running water that may look like a leak.
a. Avenue D, near the car wash and Sherwin Williams;
b. By Home Base, behind Sonic;
c. Casa Drive runs down by bus stop;
d. In South Meadows housing area, on Atkinson Avenue;
e. Judy Lane & Creek Street;
f. East Hogan Drive & Zarley Drive;
g. In Western Hills housing area, on Robertstown Road & Bronc Drive; North 19th Street.

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