Business Highway 190 Master Plan

The TxDOT Waco District Office has created a project web page for the Business Highway 190 Project. The project page includes project history and schedule, map, research/studies, FAQs, etc. The City encourages the public to view this site to educate themselves on the project and dispel inaccurate rumors which have circulated.

The web page can be found here.

The below links for the schematics or initial drawings of the proposed project are posted for informational purposes only. Public comments regarding the project will be received by TxDOT from February 12-February 27, 2019. Public comments must be submitted to TxDOT on the comment document located on the TxDOT project page.

Documentation of Business US 190 Public Hearing from February 12, 2019

February 12, 2019 Public Hearing Video

Revised Business Highway 190 Schematic 1–Avenue D to east of MLK Jr Drive

Revised Business Highway 190 Schematic 2–East of MLK Jr Drive to Constitution Avenue

Highway 190 Corridor Presentation–2016 Original Design

Business Highway 190 Median and Sidewalk Project Presentation–May 14, 2018 Public Meeting

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